Indoor Plant Lighting: Illuminating Green Spaces in Cafés

The indoor plants trend continues to make its wave in Australia, and we think it’s here to stay! The integration of indoor plants into homes, businesses, and office spaces has grown to a fundamental component of interior design and wellness. This green infusion brings a slice of nature into urban dwellings and social spaces, promoting a sense of tranquillity and a connection to the environment. 

Maintaining plant health within interior environments is not an easy task. The incorporation of plants in areas where natural light may be limited has sparked a surge in innovative indoor plant lighting solutions. These solutions support plant health, growth and enhance aesthetic appeal, contributing to the ambience. 

Light is a critical factor in plant growth. It influences photosynthesis, flowering, and overall plant life. In indoor settings, where natural sunlight is often scarce or unevenly distributed, artificial lighting can provide the necessary spectrum and intensity of light that plants need to thrive. The design team Lumen8 had the client and project to develop LED technology that can simulate the sunlight spectrum.

Cafés, known for their cozy and inviting atmospheres, have also embraced the trend of integrating indoor plants into their spaces. Beyond their decorative value, plants in cafés can improve air quality, provide a visual connection to nature and enhance the customer experience. 

Cafés like Merlo are turning to specialized grow lights. Here we have designed a pendant light, featuring our grow LED lights sitting directly above the nib wall housing the greenery. The custom fitting was designed by the Lumen8 team, fabricated right here in Brisbane at our warehouse in Eagle Farm. The pressed metal frame encases 240W per fitting from LED strip lighitng. These consist of different LED colour temperatures including; 2700K, 4000K and 5000K. 

The reason for why we integrated these different colour temperatures are due to the below benefits of plant health. 2700K - encourages the blooming and flowering of a plant. 4000K - stimulates general plant growth and 5000K helps with the growth of leaves, stalk and stems.  Another important factor we had to consider when designing this fitting was to ensure it was fit for purpose for the species of plants being used in the fit out. There are different technical variations involved when determining the best lighting specifications to assist healthy plant growth. 

These grow lights are designed to be unobtrusive and blend with the café's interior design while providing the necessary light spectrum for plant growth.