Established: 2002
Origin: Italy

For the team at Slide, design is inspiration, surprise and joy. It is the awe of the unique and the love of being surrounded by beauty. 

Slide was founded in 2002 by Gio Colonna Romano. His creative spirit and expertise with plastic resins are still hallmarks of the Slide collection. 

In 2015, his son Marco Colonna Romano took the reins and continued to grow the business with the same design to grow and innovate. 

Design for every space

The current collection allows for bold and captivating elements within interior and exterior spaces. The best selling series, Globo, is a perfect example of attending to interior and exterior spaces with equal passion. 

A sustainable approach

Slide abides by a zero carbon emission production process. Many of their products are made from recycled materials and all of their products are recyclable. 

They are also committed to ethical production with their entire process, from design through to fabrication, completed in Italy.