Established: 1945
Origin: Italy

The Vistosi family have roots in Murano glass making dating back to the XVI century.

From one generation to another the family developed its position and established its own brand in the world of Venetian artistic glass. Today, lights from Vistosi aren’t just elegant and functional feature pieces, but timeless artworks.

The Icons

Vistosi lighting is best is known for its timeless light designs including;

Crystal-Clear Purity

In 2013, after more than two years of testing, Vistosi developed its own innovative lead-free crystal glass blend.

This glass presents clear advantages, not only aesthetical but also technological and ecological. The new blend no longer included lead oxide. This enhanced the glass's transparency which can be seen with the naked eye. The new blend also resulted in a glass that possesses the qualities of stainless steel, in terms of durability and maintenance.

Unique Methods

The production methods used by Vistosi are not limited to mouth blowing. Rod extrusions, chrome plating, cold working and sandblasting all add to the variety of creative techniques used throughout the collection.

Environmentally minded

As a leader in the Murano glass lighting market, Vistosi is deeply committed to a comprehensive environmental policy. Glass is the most reusable and recyclable material, and the company strive to bring sound ecologic conduct to all aspects of the business.

In particular:

  • Only reusable and/or recyclable materials are used for packaging and shipping.
  • Biodegradable chemicals are used in manufacturing and building maintenance.
  • Constant improvement of energy efficiency in every area of the company; such as the production plant, warehouse, and administration offices.
  • Keep scrap materials to a minimum and ensure that they are recycled or disposed of safely.
  • Aim to produce 100% ecologic products, where each part can be easily disassembled to be appropriately recycled.
  • Encourage the use of low-energy bulbs.


Vistosi is available in Australia through Lumen8 Architectural Lighting. We proudly supply this beautiful brand throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.