Established: 1969
Origin: Spain

The Estiluz collection embodies their extraordinary mastery of metal fabrication.

Estiluz experiment with new shapes and materials while staying faithful to their solid principles: robustness, durability, impeccable finishes, family spirit.

The brand has strong ties with Germany, incorporating modern engineering solutions and optimization into its production processes.

Family History 

Every so often, a talent emerges that enlightens a generation. New ideas breathe life into an artistic discipline or rejuvenate a business style. Sometimes someone challenges both art and business. For Estluz, this visionary’s name was Gerard Masdeu Jordà. He was expected to carry on with the mechanical workshop run by his father. A workshop in a town with deep-rooted metalwork traditions. But his artistic talent and his business vision would take him much further. 

In 1969, he founded Estiluz, a firm committed to high-end decorative lighting. A firm with a focus on innovative designs and handmade finishes.

Fresh Design

Nowadays, with a second-generation onboard, the company gives established and emerging designers a chance to let their talent shine too. These partnerships include collaborations with Oiko Design Office, Estudi Ribaudí, Nahtrang Studio, Estudi{H}ac and Francesc Rifé. 

As a result, their collection contains top-selling designs such as Button, Volta and Revolta, Circ, Flow and Alfi.


Estliuz products are manufactured and assembled in their own factory. As a result, each lamp can be modified to fulfil the needs of a project. In addition to this, their laser-cutting technology allows the integration of customized signage. 

Each product receives personalized attention. Using modern machinery and technology to offer a quality product that will last a lifetime.