David Trubridge

Established: 1995
Origin: New Zealand

Sustainability is a prime focus for David Trubridge and has been from the very beginning.

Through his designs, David Trubridge wants to reassert our connection with, and respect for, nature so that people care more. More for the earth that gives us life and more for the other people who share it with us. 

David’s products use only the minimal amount of materials and are designed with a focus on longevity. Shipping and freight are reduced by the introduction of the Seed System. These come flat packed and ready for the customer to assemble.

The Designs

David Trubridge is known for his iconic pendant designs; the Coral, Floral, Kina and Koura. These pendants are part of the Seed System Kitsets. By purchasing one of these designs, the user is able to assemble their very own piece of design history. This hands-on process creates an individual, emotional connection to the piece.

The studio's latest designs explore larger-scale structures with the integration of LED light sources.

The Studio 

In September 2011 the Company moved into new premises in Whakatu. It was built with as many eco-features as possible. It was the first wooden-framed commercial building in Hawkes Bay and is powered by 100% renewable energy. The building features LED lighting, insulated ceilings and a workshop with fully piped underfloor heating.

Fruit trees have been planted to create a living food source on the property.  Locals use the property for beekeeping (four hives on-site) and grazing (two cows). All waste from the factory is sorted into relevant categories and sent to recycling facilities. Sawdust is clean-incinerated at a local plant and food waste is composted. 

Environmental Accreditations

David Trubridge Seed System lights are Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) accredited.

They are developed according to international standards and are third-party verified. They earn points under green building rating systems such as Green Star (Australia), LEED (USA) and BREEAM (UK).