Why you should be using joinery, cabinetry and concealed LED lighting

Joinery, cabinetry and concealed LED lighting details are often considered late in the design process, vastly limiting their potential.

However, intending to include these features from the early design stages or even building a design based upon them will open up a world of creative options.

From highlighting treasured items to enhancing architectural features, here are our top reasons why you should be using joinery, cabinetry and concealed LED lighting.


It creates an intriguing focal point.

Adding lighting to your joinery or cabinetry is a great way to add depth to your room and draw attention to your most-loved items.

Similarly, concealed LED lighting is perfect for adding a touch of elegance by backlighting elements such as mirrors or bed heads.

Pro Tip: Always use DOT FREE LED tape for focal points. This premium finish ensures your carefully designed features look perfect.


It creates effective workspaces.

Clear and consistent light above a workspace or benchtop makes tasks safer, easier and more enjoyable.

In addition to creating effective benchtop lighting, concealed lighting within cabinets or wardrobes help locate what you need when you need it!

Pro Tip: We recommend linear LED light sources to create even task lighting and avoid eye-straining glare or shadows.


It creates the feeling of space.

When used within architectural details such as ceiling coffers or bulkheads, concealed LED Lighting will 'lift' the ceiling creating a greater sense of space. 

Similarly, vertical lines of light will carry the eye upwards, enhancing the feeling of height within a space.

Pro Tip: Always use a mounting profile within a ceiling coffer or bulkhead. It will keep the reflected lighting effect straight, even and polished.


Hopefully, we have stirred up some creative ideas for your next project! 

If you would like to explore our joinery, cabinetry and concealed LED products you can do so here.