Established: 1967
Origin: Italy

PUK began in 1967, operating in the watch components sector. An experience that taught vital insights that would translate to the technical field of exterior luminaire production; accuracy, punctuality and reliability.

PUK lighting offers a truly complete range of outdoor solutions, which is set apart by their commitment to technological development and their collaboration with successful designers such as; MOMO Design, Paolo Villa and NAVA + AROSIO STUDIO.


For the Merati family, light is a passion. Discovered in the sixties, today that passion is shared and fuelled by the brothers Daniele and Stefano, who have been leading the company along a path of constant development since 1990. They are surrounded every day by a team of hard-working, professional and skilful enthusiasts. The technical and sales management and staff work together to find the best solutions.

Exceptional Service

PUK is competitive, professional, flexible and fast. They provide fast, helpful and decisive answers, for both technical and sales issues. Their experience speaks volumes: we have worked on ambitious projects all over the world with successful architects, lighting designers and consultants of international acclaim.
They give their all to every project, irrespective of the size or importance of the job. They never stop and always strive to exceed their goals. That is just the way they are. What really counts is the result: accepting new challenges and meeting expectations. Exceeding them, if possible.