Merlo Coffee - Bowen Hills

Bowen Hills, Queensland

Project Type: Hospitality
Year: 2023

Merlo Coffee is one of Australia’s leading independently owned and operated coffee roasters. 

We were fortunate to be apart of the lighting journey to enhance Dean’s passion to ‘bring the unique and vibrant espresso bar experience home.’ 

Known for its rich heritage and dedication to quality, Merlo's cafés are not just places to enjoy premium coffee; they are spaces where lighting plays a crucial role in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere conducive to relaxation and enjoyment.

The lighting design throughout Merlo Coffee, serves multiple purposes. It highlights the rich colors and textures of the coffee and food offerings, enhances the natural beauty of the coffee brewing equipment, and draws attention to the retail products available for purchase.  Incorporation of dimmable downlights, led strip lighting and our custom plant light ensured a mixture of ambient lighting throughout the cafe. This helps to create a comfortable setting that encourages customers to linger, while Lumen8s Roll spot lighting focuses light on specific areas of interest, such as the coffee bar or merchandise shelves. Task lighting is essential so the staff can brew their coffees to perfection. 

Merlo Coffee in Bowen Hills enables 'coffee lovers' to embrace the coffee roasting process, using playful interior techniques highlighted with accent lighting. Glazed windows showcase the manufacturing process of the neighbouring warehouse, with bean dispensers that are attached to the ceiling and carry the specific coffee bean to be roasted. The custom Led Plant fitting we designed, highlights how businesses can unite together to create innovative designs to adapt to everchanging spaces and needs. 

The thoughtful combination of lighting, interior design, and exceptional coffee craftsmanship makes each visit to Merlo café a memorable one, fostering a sense of community and a deeper appreciation for the art of coffee.