Lumen8 Architectural Lighting

We make architectural lighting accessible.

At Lumen8 Architectural Lighting we know that great lighting is the sum of all its parts. It’s what creates an experience in a restaurant or bar, productivity in a workplace, personality in a retail store, and warmth in a home.

It’s an ART and a SCIENCE.

That’s what we do.

  • Exclusive Architectural and Decorative Lighting
  • Australian Made: Bespoke fabrication
  • Custom manufacturing


Need something in a different colour? Or perhaps a different type of dimming?

We deal directly with our manufacturers on a daily basis. This allows us to make changes to our range to suit the needs of a project.

Need something faster?

We also have a highly skilled local team who are capable of modifying existing stock to create exactly what you need.

Local Knowledge = Local Suitability

Our customers count on the quality and reliability of our commercial and domestic luminaires. We travel the world in search of market-leading products to ensure our Lumen8 branded product meets the needs of a demanding Australian environment.

If we put the Lumen8 Architectural Lighting name to a product, we know it's quality and performance will impress you.

Through our products and a tradition of great service, we enable our clients to bring great ideas to life.