New Farm House

Brisbane, Queensland

Project Type: Residential
Year: 2023

Completed in 2023, the New Farm House features a variety of our extensive contemporary lighting selection, including renowned brands; LLD, Quasar, Studio Italia, and Solis. Our design team collaborated closely with the clients to transform their vision into reality. 


The Estiluz Volta Triple pendant, installed over the dining table, provides ample illumination. It's delicate design not only blends harmoniously within the space but also serves as a minimalistic and symmetrical piece of art, exemplifying a light fixture that combines both form and function effectively. 


Lower output fittings are typically more suited to residential applications, with smaller scaled spaces compared with larger commercial projects. Miniature fittings are a better physical fit, whilst a softer light that provides ambient, comfortable lighting for habitable spaces. The Gunn Track Lights were perfect for illuminating artwork, providing adequate beam spread and output for the beautiful art, whilst appearing discreet on the hallway ceiling.


This home featured a wonderful selection of timeless, decorative pieces that showcase the vast ceiling heights and quality finishes used throughout. The Universe by Quasar is a stunning addition to the media room, providing a twinkle of star-like lights that work in tandem with the timber lined ceiling to bring warmth and texture into this interior.


Integrated step lights, indirect Luna wall lights and Point-S garden lighting are used amongst the lush greenery of the alfresco and garden spaces, bringing a soft and warm hue to the exterior at night.