Folio: 7 Years of HSeries

Brisbane, Queensland

Project Type: Hospitality, Residential, Retail, Workplace, Custom
Year: 2022

Back in 2015, we launched our first in-house collection - HSeries.

We created this collection because of our passion for design, our enthusiasm for Australian manufacturing and, of course, our love of lighting!

The original collection contained three pieces; H1, H2, and H3. These open-framed shapes were intentionally designed to look perfect when used individually and even better when combined to create stunning three-dimensional installations. 

Off the success of these designs, the collection evolved. It now includes 18 standard designs. Alongside this, we've also fabricated countless custom commissions for many of Australia's leading Architectural firms.

What you may not know about HSeries:

  • The collection is named HSeries due to its H-shaped cross-section
  • Every piece is fabricated in our own manufacturing facility in Eagle Farm, Queensland
  • By purchasing these designs, you are supporting Lumen8 along with at least three additional Australian component manufacturers
  • Our original H1 pendant is still one of the top 3 choices in the collection
  • And, the largest custom piece we have made so far measures a whopping 10 meters wide!

We're proud to say the HSeries collection always has, and always will be, Made in Australia by the talented team at Lumen8 Architectural Lighting.