100 Boundary Street

Brisbane CBD, Queensland

Project Type: Workplace
Year: 2019

100 Boundary Street was a challenging space to illuminate. Low ceilings and dark, textured surfaces meant the lighting selection needed to be carefully considered.

In addition to this, 100 Boundary Street features a unique warehouse aesthetic. As a result, the lighting design needed to vary from the type typically found in an office environment.

To light the space effectively, a combination of direct/indirect pendants and wide beam track spots have been used.

The pendants were selected for two reasons;

  1. Their efficient and uniform direct light dispersion. A key requirement when illuminating a work zone.
  2. Their indirect light dispersion. Which assists in creating a higher and lighter feel to the ceiling.

The Airway track spots were selected for their extra-wide beam angle which makes them effective wall washers. Their unique body shape was also a favourable addition to the warehouse feel of the space.

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