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Solis S5 Black and Gold by Lumen8

From $59.50

The Solis Series offers a flexible approach to downlights. The collection contains a variety of Solis head designs that are paired with a 6w, 10w, 13w or 18w Solis LED module based on the amount of light required.

This flexibility allows you to achieve a consistent look, and consistent performance level, throughout the varying ceiling heights and ceiling types typically found within a single project.

Cost-effective and energy-efficient the Solis S5 head is a square, low glare, fixed angle head. 

The Solis 3-step MacAdam Citizen LED modules are available in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K colour temperatures, making this system perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

S5 Black and Gold is also available in black or white, with RAL colours on request.

Optional accessories: Honeycomb louvre, dark light adaptor, frosted lens

90mmø Cut out - 89mm hole saw.

Ths Solis series is compatible with Trailing Edge dimming. DALI or Bluetooth Dimming available on request.

Light source
  • Dedicated LED
Lumen (lm) | Colour Temp (K)
  • 680lm, 840lm, 1050lm, 1430lm at 2700K
  • 690lm, 900lm, 1140lm, 1480lm at 3000K
  • 730lm, 920lm, 1160lm, 1650lm at 4000K
Light distribution
  • Direct
Colour rendering (CRI)
  • 90-95
Glare rating (UGR)
  • <19
Beam angle
6W & 18W: 24°, 38°, 55°, 10W & 13W: 20°, 30°, 60°,
Voltage (V) | Current (mA)
Constant Current – mA
Driver location
Dimming options
  • Non Dimmable
  • Trailing Edge | Phase
  • Dali
  • Bluetooth | Casambi
Ingress protection rating (IP)
  • IPX0
  • Black/Gold
  • Aluminium
Orientation | Adjustment
Citizen LED, Price includes: 6W module and Trailing edge driver. 90mmø Cut out - 89mm hole saw.
Cut out
ø90mm (89mm Hole Saw)
Product code
5 years
Solis S5 Black and Gold by Lumen8