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Skirt by Studio Italia

From $156.00

Meet Skirt: a beacon of adaptability in the realm of lighting. This adjustable surface-mounted ceiling light showcases a minimalist design that seamlessly aligns with contemporary applications, embodying the essence of modern aesthetics.

Skirt comes in two distinct options to cater to varying lighting requirements. The first, a substantial 15W LED version, guarantees ample luminosity while exemplifying energy-efficient performance. The second, a more compact 7W LED variant, is equally compelling, offering a balance between efficiency and elegance. This choice empowers you to tailor your lighting scheme according to your space's unique demands.

Adding a layer of sophistication, Skirt features a trailing-edge dimmable driver. This technological advancement allows you to exercise precise control over the lighting intensity, enabling you to sculpt the ambience to match your mood or activity.

Available in a pristine white finish, Skirt stands as a testament to timeless simplicity. Its visual appeal doesn't merely lie in its form but extends to its ability to seamlessly complement a diverse range of interior design concepts.

Standard Options:

  • White finish
  • 7W or 15w
  • 3000K
  • 38° Beam
  • Trailing edge dimmable
Light source
  • Dedicated LED
7W, 15W
Lumen (lm) | Colour Temp (K)
  • 525lm, 1125lm at 3000K
Light distribution
  • Direct
Dimming options
  • Trailing Edge | Phase
  • White
  • Aluminium
Product code
2 year commercial / 3 year residential
Skirt by Studio Italia