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Single Circuit Track by Studio Italia

Price on application

Single circuit track is compatible with single circuit track fittings to create flexible and adaptable lighting solutions for both residential and commercial spaces.

Comprised from an aluminium frame with PVC insulated material and anti-oxidising copper components.

This system is an electrified track with one circuit which means all fittings attached to the track turn on together from one switch. The track can take a 4kg load every 1000mm.

Ideal for lighting retail spaces, offices and education facilities as well as residential spaces.

Available in  2m cuttable lengths. Lengths can be extended with straight joiners to create a continuous line. Similarly, there are 'L', 'T' and 'X' shape joiners and flexi joiners to create unique lighting opportunities to suit all designs.

Single circuit track can also be suspended; this requires steel suspension wires periodically placed along the length of track as well as a power cord to power the live end of track. 



Voltage (V) | Current (mA)
Mains Voltage – 220V-240V
Ingress protection rating (IP)
  • IPX0
  • Black
  • White
  • Aluminium
Product code
GG TK-_M/_
2 year commercial / 3 year residential
Accessories ordered seperately