Based in Korea, RAAT was established in 1972 and has manufactured various commercial lighting solutions such as down lights, accent lights, pendants and area lights. RAAT strives for customer satisfaction through their spirit of integrity, originality and service, and they continually study their field in order to develop excellent products. This award winning company practices an eco-friendly management system certifying ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, and ISO 14004:2004 Environmental Management System. RAAT exports to 60 countries and 150 companies worldwide, including the North American and European markets.

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Nemo Cassina

One of the global leaders in lighting striving to constantly create innovative cutting edge design.  Founded in Milan in 1993, NEMO represents, within the design lighting producers’ scenario, a benchmark name, going back to the roots of innovation that always inspired Italian design. The collection of contemporary design includes models conceived by world famous designers.  Alongside with this wide range of products, Nemo edits the Masters collection, a unique selection of icons, realized by the designers that have provided a fundamental contribution to the creation of the contemporary design.

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In 1992, Jiří Jelínek and Karel Květon established the company HALLA which is from its beginning focused on production and sale of luminaires
Halla is a major Czech manufacturer and exporter of interior lighting systems. Halla follows the development of lighting technologies and works closely with designers and architects. Their products meet the highest technical standards, feature creative design and meet the requirements of modern architectural trends.  This award winning company provide a variety of lighting products including: Recessed, Semi-Recessed, Wall Mounted, Surface, Suspended, Free-Standing and Table lamps.

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Arealite was founded in 1989 and today it’s one of the most modern and specialized companies in the production of interior and exterior lighting. Based in Milan, Arealite have a production strategy based on three key points: flexibility, efficiency and innovation. The pursuit of these guidelines grants a high reliability in every processing stage, from the choice of raw material, quality of product under a strict control, to marketing logistics and distribution, with the greatest care and consideration for pricing policy.

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Cangini & Tucci

For over fifty years, Italian lighting company Cangini & Tucci has worked with meticulous accuracy and craftsmanship in the blown glass sector, producing sophisticated gifts and prestigious furnishings.  Over the years they have introduced  a wide range of lighting articles, which have been influenced by the great ancient Venetian art and by the application of the most modern aesthetic production techniques.  Detailed care, combined with high quality materials is Cangini & Tucci’s main goal, as to ensure their customer a high quality, unique product.

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Forma E Funzione

Established in the 60s Forma e Funzione is an Italian manufacturer of lighting systems for furniture applications, shop fittings, interior design and household appliances. They provide various lighting options from spot lights and linear arrays, to wall mounted and ceiling mounted solutions. Design, industrialization and production are carried out at the company’s headquarters in Italy. The company is certified as per ISO 9001 standard. The products are exported to over 40 countries. Efficiently combining design (Forma) and function (Funzione) a team of experts and designers develop products, systems and concepts which are innovative, flexible, simple to assemble, energy-efficient and suitable for many an application.

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PUK was established in 1967 Milan and started its activity producing decorative indoor lamps, only for the Italian market. Thanks to PUK’s great capacity of technological innovation- result of a constant activity of research and development- along with the experience and know-how gained during the years, the company has gradually modified its products range, choosing to focus its business on architectural lighting for outdoor areas, which requires very high technical features of production and the use of specific materials to guarantee long-lasting life of the products offered.

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Established in 2002 in Buccinasco (Milan), SLIDE produces polyethylene furniture with an ironic design, characterised by an exceptional use of light and ideal for setting up indoor/outdoor spaces and events. The SLIDE production encompasses seats, tables, lamps, pots and complements. SLIDE is committed towards creating quality products and conquering a position in the medium to top segment of the market. Thanks to rotational moulding techniques and the implementation of only one material, SLIDE products are 100% recyclable.

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David Trubridge

David Trubridge Ltd was formed in 1995 when David started to expand his operation from his small designer/maker business. It is comprised of two distinct yet congruous areas: production which manufactures the stock lights & furniture and the design studio.  The company is driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy which informs all aspects of design and production. Such motivations come before profit. David’s products use only the minimal amount of materials and are generated with a focus on longevity, rather than mimicking quick-moving trends. Based in New Zealand and drawing inspiration from all things earthly, Trubridge creates pieces from bamboo ply, recyclable polycarbonate and aluminium.

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Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies of designer lighting in the rich and complex world of the ‘Made in Italy’. Created in the inland Venice area in 1996, from the outset it combined Italian passion for design with a strong international focus and soon became one of the leading companies in the high quality indoor lighting sector producing Italian lamps to export all over the world. Axo Light offers three extremely striking ranges to suit any environment, whether modern or traditional, public or private.

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Lumascape Lighting Industries is Australia’s leading niche manufacturer of high performance and high quality exterior architectural, landscape and underwater lighting products.  From modest beginnings in 1991, this proudly Australian owned business now exports to more than 40 countries around the world.  Lumascape’s products and manufacturing processes are designed around the principles of energy efficiency, recyclability and the elimination of waste in all its forms.

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At Planlicht, you can avail of collaboration and cooperation based on partnership, and you can rely on consistency in service and ecologically sustainable products. Planlicht products guarantee sustainable quality assurance by Austrian fabrication. The Planlicht product range consists of primarily: Profile Luminaires, Flat Luminaires, 3-Phase Track Lights, Low Voltage Systems, Decorative Luminaires and Workspace Luminaires. These products create an atmosphere; they are fascinating, vibrant, touching and have an aesthetic design vocabulary. These Planlicht products can be integrated in architectonic surroundings and underscore them by accentuated illumination.

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An Italian company specialising in the traditional art of glass blowing since 1945. Vistosi creates a fruitful union between glass and style with pure lines, essential shapes and technical performance being the key characteristics of its decorative lighting. With current designs showcased alongside those dating back to 1965, lights from Vistosi aren’t just elegant and functional feature pieces, but timeless collections. In 2013, Vistosi invented their unique blown lead-free crystal glass blend which is now used throughout their production.

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Rotaliana lamps are expressions of an authentic and original production environment, combining- through the agency of that contemporary icon, the light unit- tradition and innovation, traditional roots and modern thinking. Finding inspiration in all things applicable and disparate from landscapes to honeycomb, Rotaliana is notorious for its designer Euorpean lighting. With a team of innovative architects and industrial designers this company produces contemporary and highly functional pieces. Each product from Rotaliana, whether big or small, adopt enlightening qualities for the intuition and disclosure of new solutions for daily life.

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Who Did That

Queensland designer Loz Abberton decamped to Tasmania in 2006. Fusing form with aspects of art and craft draws on her graphic design and fashion background. While her respect for the environment influences the selection of future-friendly materials; locally sourced veneers from accredited and sustainably grown timber.  Shaping spaces through illumination and transformative shadows was the creative notion for the Grandeliers lighting range. Designing timeless and functional products flat-packed for ultimate transporting and tool-free assembly was another.

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Topmet were established in 1989 in Poland. Engineers and qualified staff design, produce and assemble architectural lighting in-house, and the company is known for making durable, high quality aluminium profile for LED strip.
In the mid-90s, the company established cooperation with Philips and Osram- the leaders of modern lighting technology; this ensured that they were producing the highest quality components. Their ranges are carefully crafted, and incredibly versatile.