Three Golden Rules for Artwork Lighting

You've found your dream piece to adorn your walls - now all you need is our three goldern rules for artwork lighting to make sure it gets the attention it deserves!

1 - Use the correct type of light fitting

  • Track lighting - Track lighting is the most flexible option for lighting artwork. A track allows individual track spots to be added, subtracted and repositioned as your art collection evolves.
  • Ceiling mounted - Ceiling mount fittings are also well suited to artwork lighting. Surface mount and recessed fittings are both suitable choices. It is essential to select a fitting with an appropriate angle or an adjustable gimbal that will direct light to the correct location.
  • Picture Lights - Picture lights are small to medium-sized, wall-mounted fittings. They add to the aesthetic appeal of the artwork display. However, they are best suited to illuminating smaller pieces.

2 - Choose the correct location for the light fitting

Position your artwork lighting so that the light hits your artwork at an angle of approx 30°-45°. 

If the fixture shines directly down over your painting, it will result in harsh shadows across your artwork. 

Alternatively, if the light fixture is too far away from your artwork, the light angle becomes very direct. This direct light results in unpleasant glare reflections.

3 - Check the technical details

  • Beam spread - Once you have determined the position of your light fitting, check the beam angle of your light fitting. The pool of light on your wall will increase in size the further your light fitting is from your artwork. Selecting the correct beam angle to suit your light position will ensure the pool of light on your wall is not too narrow or broad for your artwork.
  • CRI - CRI, or Colour Rendering Index, rates how 'true to life' colours will be under the light fitting. The higher the CRI, the better the result.
  • Dimming - Everyone's perception of a perfect result is different. Selecting dimmable fittings will allow you to fine-tune your artwork lighting to achieve the outcome that's perfect for you!

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