The secret to good vanity lighting

Whether it’s 5 mins or 50 minutes, it’s likely that a humble vanity mirror is a place you stand in front of each and every morning. It’s the place in our homes or end of trip facility's where we prepare ourselves to take on the day.

We’ve all experienced terrible vanity lighting. The type that makes you cringe. The type that makes that perfect shave miss a spot or that sleek line of eyeliner come out more than a little crooked.

We all like to look our best, but looking our best is challenging if we can’t see what we’re doing.

So, how do we make sure our vanity mirrors are a place to feel fantastic? The secret is good lighting! 

And what's the secret to good vanity lighting?

Location, Location, Location!

Light from above or behind you will cast dark shadows across the curves and contours of your face. 

Light from below or behind your mirror will create a beautiful accent in the room. But it won’t achieve the effective task lighting we need.

What’s required is light in front of you. 

By positioning your lighting on, around, or beside the mirror in front of you, it allows light to come forward and spread evenly across your face. 

Now that we’ve covered the most important factor for vanity lighting, location, we can move onto the finer details of good vanity lighting;

  • Light dispersion – When selecting a vanity light, general light is best. You're after a soft, even distribution of light.
  • Quality of light - A fitting with a high colour rendering index (CRI) will show colour in its truest form. Meaning you will be able to see the difference between similar shades of makeup.
  • Power access – It's very difficult to run power to a location that’s fully tiled! Like any form of lighting, planning early will allow you to achieve the best outcome.
  • Style of fitting – last but not least, select a fitting that will suit the style of the space. This could be anything from a modern illuminated mirror, like our new release Lustro, to a classical fitting like the handblown Lucciola wall light.

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