Scale and Proportion

Two main considerations in the design world are scale and proportion. When it comes to large light's these are similar concepts with important differences.

  • Scale refers to the spatial relationship between two or more objects, one of which has a commonly known size. In most cases. The scale of objects is often compared to our own human scale.
  • Proportion has a more fluid interpretation. It refers to the balance between design elements, and how they come together within a space. For most designers, it is a difficult thing to explain to a client. Proportion can alter the way our spaces look and feel and getting proportion “right” all depends on the intent of the designer.

Oversized lighting has become a trend in recent years, especially in large open void spaces (e.g. a commercial lobby with sweeping high ceilings). Therefore, the scale is important as these areas can be quick to swallow up smaller fittings. In these scenarios, large light's or oversized lighting can create exciting, bold statements and an instant focal point… In other words, the bigger the better!

Supersizing with Lumen8

Axo Light

Italian manufacturer Axo Light is known for their contemporary innovative pieces. A portion of their range is dedicated to “large-scale” lighting. Pendants such as the Anadem, Bell and Skirt feature the unique utilisation of flame-retardant materials and eco-leather, to create maximum design impact with some pieces reaching 1.8 meters in diameter.

David Trubridge

World-renowned New Zealand-based designer David Trubridge has seen many of his pieces in large commercial installations. Designs such as the Koura and Hinaki take heights to the next level. At 2 meters and the all-new circular Maru also spans from 1.1 – 1.4 meters in diameter.


Austrian manufacturer Planlicht develops and produces high-quality luminaires most widely utilised in hotels, shops, public buildings and private projects. Due to the vast spaces that were being presented in projects, pendants such as the Sinus rings were designed to give a sense of scale. Available up to 3-6 meters in diameter.