The Importance of Lighting Vertical Surfaces

When approaching a lighting design, whether residential or commercial, it is important to consider the space as a whole.

Light direction

Many lighting designs immediately resolve the required levels of horizontal lighting. However, this only addresses half of the surfaces available to us. It is equally important to address vertical lighting.

  • Horizontal lighting - Is purely functional. It allows us to navigate space and complete tasks.
  • Vertical lighting - Creates emphasis. It is the key to creating a pleasurable and interesting illuminated environment.

Vertical lighting is applied first and foremost to architecture. By effectively illuminating features and dominant elements we create the character in the visual environment.

Wall grazing and Wall washing are two techniques we can use to create vertical illumination.

Wall Washing

This technique involves illuminating a wall from top to bottom in a smooth graded wash. As a result, it hides any imperfections or blemishes by eliminating their shadows.

The wall appears bright and draws attention as a luminous background for people and furniture.

By emphasizing the wall surface area, the lighting makes the room appear larger and more spacious.

Wall Grazing

Grazing is similar to wall washing in practice, but the lights are located closer to or on the wall surface. As a result, a beam of light strikes the wall at a narrower angle, producing shadowing that reveals and accentuates texture.

Through careful fitting selection, we can fine-tune this angle of light to make the shadowing more or less pronounced.

As a result, the wall is presented as a point of visual interest in the space.

Lumen8 Products for Lighting Vertical Surfaces

To illuminate vertical surfaces, track lights, spotlights and wall lights are all suitable options.

Solis Single and Double Wall Lights.

The all-new Solis single and double wall lights are a great addition to the Solis family. The sleek slimline design will complement any contemporary or traditional space.

These fixtures spread light in a soft, uniform, shadow-free way which creates a sense of openness by illuminating the vertical surface they are mounted on.

Solis Track or Surface Spots

The Solis Track or Surface Spots are a minimalist design. They feature a great range of adjustment with 90˚ tilt and 350˚ rotation.

Perfect for highlighting features such as artwork, or wall washing walls.