Euroluce 2019 Summary

April 2019 marked one of the most exciting weeks in the design calendar. The 30th edition of biennial Euroluce, the international lighting exhibition held in Milan. Euroluce is recognized as a global benchmark where aesthetic design, technological innovation, and culture take centre stage.

The exhibition features a plethora of new product launches.

We sat down with our director Michael Katsanevas to get his thoughts and impressions.

What were the highlights from Euroluce 2019?

Euroluce is considered the hotspot for quality, innovation, and creativity in the interior design sector. An indispensable meeting place for interior and exterior professionals when it comes to designing living spaces.

From an exhibit point of view, one of the most impressive stands at the fair was Design Holdings, a joint venture with FLOS, Louis Poulsen and B&B Italia – a new global group that brings the three brands together. The enormous stand, designed by Calvi Brambilla, welcomed visitors with an illustrated wall where iconic designers and their works came to life through an interactive, touch-sensitive experience.

What were you most impressed with?

It was a great moment to see a Brisbane local Jason Bird among the mix. Jason and David Trubridge, together with approximately 44 other Australian and New Zealand furniture and lighting designers/manufacturers showcased this year.

It’s also amazing to see designers evolving with the times. For example, David Trubridge embarking on a journey to replace plastic materials with new sustainable materials. Always relevant within the current environmental climate.

How has technology influenced designs?

LED is increasing in lumen output and decreasing in size. Therefore, product designers are able to reduce the size of the luminaires whilst maintaining acceptable light output, allowing for thinner, more delicate and more intricate luminaire designs.

What trends should we look out for in the next 12 months?

Geometric, tubular lighting systems are gaining momentum. Similarly, configurations and circular systems will be prominent designs. Experimentation with more flexible materials, such as rubber, leather, cork, and aluminium is also very popular. As a result, these materials will all be trending. Lighting systems are also gaining more popularity, allowing lighting to be more than just an object or a feature piece in an installation.