Acoustic Luminaries

By performing double duty, acoustic luminaries provide illumination as well as managing sound levels in a space. This allows for more a holistic approach towards Human Centric Lighting (HCL).

Acoustic luminaries are the answer to a significant problem in workplace design. Architectural discussions regarding workplace design often feature catchwords like 'the modern workspace, flexible workplace or co-working' (the urge to use a hashtag is almost unbearable!). However, these trends often oppose the wish for a quieter workplace.

It is now more common to work in teams. When people come together more often and communicate in an open place space, the noise level increases. For those around them, this increase affects concentration, performance and possibly health in a negative way.

This whitepaper will provide you with a little insight into the world of acoustics. In particular, room acoustics for office workplaces and the benefit of acoustic luminaries.

Please click the icon below to download the whitepaper by Planlicht which explains this topic further.


Acoustic Luminaries whitepaper