The Modern

The lighting for the new interior fitout of the Modern was chosen in close collaboration with the owner of the store; the Lumen8 team helped to pick the ideal fittings to execute the desired effects. Our matt black Solis R4 gimble downlights were chosen for general lighting in the main showroom space. They were chosen as they are available in a colour rendering of CRI83, and a colour temperature of 3000k which is ideal for showing true-to-life colour of the product being sold. The gimble of the downlight offers versatility, as they can be adjusted to highlight different parts of the showroom as new product gets put on display, and as the general layout of the showroom changes. The matt black of the fitting looks effective with the textured plywood ceilings. The white, Barro Double-head tracklights were used in the living room display to the side of the main showroom due to their extreme versatility. They have two axes of motion, so they are able to spot highlight almost any product in the room. They are sleek, modern fittings which suit the overall aesthetic of the product being sold in the store, and the white, rounded fittings provide an interesting contrast against the black, slatted ceiling.

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