The Kenmore Tavern

Designed by KP architects and supplied by Lumen8, The Kenmore Tavern lighting was designed to create a warm and gentle ambience. The versatile track lighting ensures that the menu boards, work spaces and wall features get sufficiently highlighted. It also provides flexibility in that the location of menu boards and specials posters can be adjusted and changed while still receiving sufficient light. Lumen8's own Logikline LED profile and strip was used to highlight the bottles and product along the back of the bar, as well as providing a diffused ambient light. Any extra general lighting that was needed was provided by Lumen8's own range of Solis LED downlights. All lighting was chosen to be 2700k, which is extra warm white. This creates a soft, warm, cozy environment that's comfortable to be in for extended periods of time; this sort of lighting is known to be preferable for dining, bars and hospitality.

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