Ray White Spring Hill

The design for Ray White spring Hill was created by Channon Architects, with Lumen8 guiding the product supply. The idea of this particular Ray White, was to make the façade a major street attraction, whilst tying in with the same product line used in the newly refurbished Ray White New Farm. The façade is made up of hundreds of little yellow backlit circles; the backlighting was achieved using Lumen8's own Logikline 4000k 9w LED strip. The low wattage ensured a more even wash of light, and kept lighting levels low enough so that the surface wasn't unpleasant to look at. The use of Logikline LED profile is continued inside the office, with 4000k being used as task lighting above desks. This colour temperature has a longer wavelength of blue, which boosts cortisol levels (the stress hormone) which makes you feel more alert and makes for a more productive workplace. In the main foyer, there is further Logikline used under the desk, and above it, there are some recessed 3000k Deli LED profiles by Halla for some general room lighting.

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