Muse by Pillow Talk

Muse by Pillow Talk recently launched their first homeware concept store within the newly renovated Indooroopilly shopping centre. Being able to consistently light the ever changing, different displays in the store was a crucial aspect of the design brief and as such, working closely with the electrical engineer to select the best product was key. There were two main elements of lighting present in this concept store- the general lighting of the showroom and the accent lighting of the homeware displays and products. For a mix of general showroom lighting uniformity, and versatility of direct display lighting the CRI, 90+ 3000lm Panl Jnr track spot light was chosen. This meant that as their feature products changed and moved, Muse could easily move and alter the direction of the beams to best showcase their display. The second element used to assist with general showroom lighting and product detail was the CRI 90+, 2000lm RAAT adjustable downlight. These downlights were mounted in the pop out wooden ceilings and were used to directly highlight the bedding displays beneath with a consistent and uniform light, while the adjustable head provided the versatility needed in the store. Both lights were provided in 3000k warm white and with high colour rendering to show off the detail and exact true to life colours of the products.

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