Merlo Coffee Fortitude Valley

For the lighting design of the complete refurbishment of the Merlo Coffee in Fortitude Valley, Lumen8 collaborated with Blueshift Architecture to specify the right fittings for this new, ultra-contemporary space. For the product cabinets, Lumen8's Logikline P6 LED profile complete with 21w 3000k LED strip were used to provide an even, high quality wash of light to ensure the products look their best. There was also a heavy emphasis on utilising track lights within the space as there will be almost endless versatility when it comes to rearranging the dining, retail and  meeting spaces. Sleek, black 45watt Orco fittings, and the RAAT Vega fittings (both in 3000k warm white) were used to suit the aesthetics, and to offer the correct quality of light required for such an attractive retail and hospitality space. One of the main feature pieces Puri recessed circle by Halla, was selected to provide a large surface area of light to wash down on the main workspace above the coffee machine, where the barista needs high quality, bright, even light to spin milk and assess the crèma on each pour.

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