200 Mary Street

The design brief for 200 Mary street was to create reflected light off all surfaces in the lobby and accentuate the height of the ceilings whilst keeping the ceilings clean and free of downlights. Taking advantage of the existing lineal joinery and detail in the design and architecture of the space, LED strip lighting with extruded aluminium profiles and opal diffusers (Lumen8's own Logikline range) were chosen over standard fluorescent profiles due to the versatility and flexibility of the product. 21w, 4000k LED strip with Lumen8's P5 Surface profile was the main product used for the wall detail as it is trimless, dimmable and being LED it can run for 24 hours a day. Over the elevator lobby brighter task lighting was required; recessed Planlicht p.midi linear system profiles were used as they incorporate LED boards rather than LED strips, giving them a better quality, more powerful light output. And finally, to thrown light up into the ceiling detail the PUK 105002 slim rectangular floodlight was used. To keep uniformity among the different styles of lights, all colour temperatures remained at 4000k and all luminaires remained trimless to create clean lines of light.

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