Established: 1991

Lumascape is a leading global manufacturer of exterior landscape luminaires.

First founded in Australia in 1991, Lumascape offices now span multiple continents, with a global export network of more than 40 countries.

Design Philosophy

Lumascape products are designed on four essential principles: the anticipation of our customers’ needs; reliability; durability; and the application of advanced, proven technology.

All new designs are comprehensively tested and accredited by certified laboratories before their release, whilst all production processes are validated through end-of-line functional testing.

Lumascape Laboratory

Each year Lumascape invests heavily in research and development with much of the technology developed in a purpose-built laboratory in Brisbane, Australia. These capabilities enable rapid prototyping and in-house testing.

  • A fully automated photogoniometer for near and far-field measurement
  • 1.5m integrating sphere for lamp measurement
  • 300mm integrating sphere for LED measurement
  • Fully equipped electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) chamber
  • Automated salt spray corrosion test chamber
  • Environmental chamber with a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions from -73°C (-99°F) to +200°C (-392°F), 20% to 90% relative humidity)
  • Still air enclosure for stabilised thermal management

Green Commitment

  1. Research into energy-efficient lighting technology.
  2. Reduce power consumption through the use of efficient LED and low-wattage lamp sources.
  3. Use recyclable manufacturing materials wherever possible.
  4. Design easy to maintain, quality products that have a long service life.
  5. Utilise sound production techniques that conserve natural resources.
  6. Use equipment that is compliant with appropriate environmental standards.