LLD Light

Origin: Italy

Originally focused on nautical Luminaires, LLD Light has grown to service the civil and architectural market. Thanks to its professionalism, quality product and service LLD Light has established itself as a quality supplier both national and international markets.


The goal of LLD Light has always been the creation of innovative, functional, and modern products. Constant research, high-quality raw materials, and high levels of customer service have been the hallmarks of Led Luce e Dintorni for 10 years.

From the Concept to the finished Product

The choice to use Italian raw materials allows the production of very carefully conceived items. It also guarantees the high qualitative standard which distinguishes MADE IN ITALY products.
The manufacturing of mechanical parts, electronic circuits and the assembly of fixtures all take place within LLD Light. Before entering the market, every single product is accurately analyzed in order to achieve high standards in terms of reliability, functionality, and safety.

Research and Development

The LLD Light team, driven by the passion for creating the best technological and performing products, is constantly focused on research and innovation. The solutions proposed are the outcome of a wish to satisfy the needs of the markets and of a careful study of light.

IP68 Series

The “IP68” series is composed of fixtures for permanent immersion in fresh and salt water and allows the creation of spectacular lighting effects by using RGB LEDs. The products of this series are made of top-quality materials: high-efficiency LEDs, lenses to adjust the light beam, bodies entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316L (shiny or satinized), tempered glass and, if required, plastic housing boxes for underwater use.

The choice of selected components assures the durability and the ease of application and maintenance.

“IP68” products can be installed into traditional brickwork or prefabricated pools. The cable length can be customized.