Icone Luce

Established: 1970
Origin: Italy

Icone Luce designs are art pieces that grace the interiors of the most beautiful homes hotels, restaurants and cultural venues in Italy and in the world.

Icone Luce lamps are created through the fusion of metal, fabric, glass and light: points of energy that illuminate rooms, curves that define spaces, volumes that emphasize details.

It takes originality, creativity and technology to become an ICONA: our lamps are created out of the vision of a different way of lighting. They are designed for those who prefer to give a unique atmosphere to their lives.


For Icone, enthusiasm is the vital spark for everything that surrounds us: family, daily life, the desire to work day after day to create something that will amaze us and improve our lives and lift our spirits. They want to convey this feeling through their creations, to make the environments we live in unique and personal.


Creativity, on the other hand, is that push that, when faced with everyday situations, makes us aware that we can create something that’s always more innovative. Icone Luce never stop dreaming. They desire to amaze the people that observe their lamps.


Light is the primary source of energy that allowed the earth to originate in the form it appears in today. In its pure state, light is life, and as such, it should not be wasted.

Following this sense of value, Icone chooses the most environmentally friendly processes, certified materials and renewable energy sources possible. ICONE is attentive to every step in the production process, respecting the environment even when it comes to marketing. All of the Icone our brochures and promotional materials are printed on certified paper with the use of vegetable inks.