Established: 1992
Origin: Czech Republic

Halla follows the development of lighting technologies and works closely with established and emerging designers and architects.

As a result, Halla products feature creative design, meet the highest technical standards, and satisfies the requirements of modern architectural trends.

Humble Beginnings 

Halla began in a small workshop. The company began assembling the first luminaires in a rented cellar in 1992.

Today, 30,000 products are made in a modern production hall.  And their team has grown to 125 employees. For the team, it seems like a light year has passed since the beginning. But their passion for beautiful lights still keeps them captivated.

Research and Development

Continual improvement is a priority for the company. They have built a state of the art light and development laboratory to achieve this. The most important part of this facility consists of a black room with a goniophotometer and a ball integrator, where optical measurement takes place. Thermal measurement is also possible in their own thermal chamber.

In addition to in house tasting, Halla partner with a variety of universities and scientific organisations. This enables their pursuit to perfect Human Centric Lighting technology.

Award Winners

Halla are award-winning luminaire manufacturers. They have received an impressive collection of awards including Red Dot design awards, IF design awards and German design awards. These awards have been received for their unique designs; Indi, Sant, Bent, Vima and Inlio.