AREALITE was founded in 1989 as a branch for the outdoor lighting production of ILMO illuminazione, which had been operating in the field of interior lighting for many years. Today it’s one of the most modern and specialized companies in the production of interior and exterior lighting. Arealites’ products are known for their superior quality and durability outdoors.


Axo Light

Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies in the rich and complex world of Italian design. It has maintained the blown glass tradition and artisan workmanship of its Venetian origins, and combined it with avant-garde lighting techniques and innovative materials such as Vicenza stone, bamboo or silk.


Cangini & Tucci

With over 40 years experience working in the meticulous craft of glass blowing, Cangini & Tucci have become recognised as one of Italy’s best. The company creates exquisite furnishing pieces and a large range of lighting articles using the ancient Venetian art while applying the modern rules of design and the most up-to-date production techniques.


David Trubridge

A pioneer in sustainable lighting and furniture design, David Trubridge continues to produce quality contemporary pieces with minimum impact to the environment in all aspects of design and production. Drawing inspiration from all things earthly, Trubridge creates pieces from bamboo ply, recyclable polycarbonate and aluminium.



FrauMaier is known as the “international dog of contemporary design”, a trendsetter, jetsetter and lifestyle expert. FrauMaier was born on a small and bitterly poor farm in Eastern Europe, she became in very short time the hottest address for insiders in design business. On her way through Europe´s capitals, leaving everywhere her distinctive traces, she met well-known artists, philosophers and designers, inspiring her work in a tremendous way. Passion and the declared intention to design are her work´s basement. A work that astonishes the professional circles every time they get in touch with it. Become a part of frauMaier´s world, in which a race to the aesthetic top and immaculate perfection goes along with altruistic modesty and choose between frauMaier´s almost surreal beautiful things…



HALLA is major Czech manufacturer and exporter of interior lighting systems. Following the latest developments in lighting technology, HALLA works closely with designers and architects. Products designed by HALLA feature creative design that also meet the highest technical standards along with the requirements of modern architectural trends.


Itsy & Chubby

The newest gang to hit the bleak world of project surface mounts is the fun, cheeky and versatile Itsy & Chubby.

Lola, Charlie, Betty, Bob, Marshmallow and Kimi bring a punch of fresh air to the market of ceiling mounted lighting, contradicting the boring outdated stereotype.
Itsy & Chubby is functional, stylish, environmentally conscious and ready to go. Their sleek and practical designs, range of both cubic and round forms coupled with two size options for each character makes them ideal for a multitude of projects. Most importantly, these little guys are all hippies at heart as they only accept fluorescent bulbs and unlike their rival ‘downlight’ crew, they are quick and simple to install to any surface.



A highly regarded Italian manufacturer of professional indoor and outdoor lighting, P.U.K creates high quality lighting derived from their policy aimed at presenting increasingly competitive quality articles. Now themed environments of all kinds can finally enjoy all the benefits of intelligent lighting atmospheres attractive to customers



Planlicht is a globally recognized Austrian company established in 1953 that prides itself on quality and cutting-edge design. As a manufacturer, Planlicht designs and creates individual and advanced lighting technologies offering competent and specialised products. Planlicht’s core competences lie within the decorative low-voltage sector and the profile lighting sector that require comprehensive planning.



A company known for its high quality functional lighting. RAAT specialises in both commercial and residential technical lighting such as adjustable and fixed downlights, track and pendant lighting, wall and steplights, exterior lighting and industrial style pendants.



Finding inspiration in all things applicable and disparate from landscapes to honeycomb, Rotaliana is notorious for its designer Euorpean lighting. With a team of innovative architects and industrial designers this company produces contemporary and highly functional pieces. Each product from Rotaliana, whether big or small, adopt enlightening qualities for the intuition and disclosure of new solutions for the daily life.



Since its foundation in 2002, SLIDE has been satisfying functional and aesthetic home living needs through innovative and practical products with a clean iconic look. Innovative, diverse and constantly updated, SLIDE production range includes seats, tables, lamps, vases, bookcases and other items which combine just the right input of light with a lively choice of colour in a strong distinctive way, creating a unique suggestive atmosphere.


Studio Italia

Studio Italia is a contemporary lighting wholesaler that specialises in decorative Italian Venetian glass products. They are distributors of iconic Italian brands such as Vistosi, Axo, Rotaliana, Artificia, Ivela, Omikron, Mazzucato and Cangini & Tucci. Featuring in their range, Light Industry incorporates the latest LED technology and provides lighting solutions for a broad spectrum of applications.



An Italian company specialising in the traditional art of glass blowing since 1945. Vistosi creates a fruitful union between glass and style with pure lines, essential shapes and technical performance being the key characteristics of its decorative lighting. With current designs showcased alongside those dating back to 1965, lights from Vistosi aren’t just elegant and functional feature pieces, but timeless collections.