New CRI90 tape! But what is Colour Rendering?

Here at Lumen-8, we are proud to announce that we’re introducing CRI90 tape as standard across our profile ranges! We used to have CRI80 which is considered to be good colour rendering; but we wanted to offer you the best quality lighting when you come to Lumen-8, so we made the switch to GREAT colour rendering.

But what is Colour Rendering? and why is having a high CRI a good thing?

The Colour Rendering Index consists of 8 colours (R1 – R8) that are tested under the light. The brighter, richer, more saturated and true the colours are under that light, the higher the Ra measurement; or CRI value. CRI is generally measured on a scale of 0-100, with 0 being poor colour rendering and CRI100 being “perfect” colour rendering (like the light that comes from the sun). Between about CRI60-75 is considered pretty poor colour rendering, and is synonymous with older lighting technologies. Nowadays, you’ll generally find LEDs with at least CRI75 or above.

The colour temperature also plays a part, as colours will look different under different colours of light. For example, Green could look closer to brown under orange light, and closer to yellow under blue light.
In retail environments, gallery spaces, supermarkets and just generally anywhere you want good, true, rich colour, it is best to stick to 3000-3500k and a high CRI. However, there is never a blanket rule as different environments hold their own obstacles. If you’re ever unsure what lighting to use in a certain space, simply contact our friendly staff at Lumen-8 and we’ll be able to help you find the best solution. We have a large range including the latest LED lighting technologies with a wide range of different wattages, colour temperatures and CRI values.