David Trubridge at the 2015 Red Dot Design Awards

We’re excited to announce that the Nikau and Snowflake luminaires by David Trubridge have taken out the 2015 Red Dot Lighting Design awards!

Nikau is the only indigenous palm tree in New Zealand. Unlike the coconut palm familiar to Polynesians, it has no nuts. and the fronds from the palm were traditionally used for thatching and weaving. It has a large bulb at the top of its trunk and its leaves overlap in the criss-cross patterns which inspired this light. It comes in a full size or a half size. Suitable for any interior application both residential and commercial.

Snowflake has the same form as David Trubridge’s Kina light but is made up from a snowflake shape, creating a repeating geometric hexagonal pattern. The light was designed following a trip David made to Antarctica as a visiting artist. The beautiful pattern it creates will bring any interior space to life.