Detour Restaurant

Lumen8 Architectural Lighting partnered with Lamberts on the lighting design for the highly anticipated Detour Restaurant. The restaurant is situated in Woolloongabba’s London Road Antique strip within a former tyre factory. The client brief was to create a space with a warm, indusial vibe, whilst keeping sustainability in mind. Damon Amos and his team work within the restaurant centre piece, an open kitchen beneath a burnished copper canopy. Strategically positioned Solis by Lumen8 downlights in 3000k illuminate the veritable planes of the copper structure, providing task lighting below and casting a warm glow into the surrounding area. The dining floor is illuminated by a series of dimmable Bistro pendants. These pieces not only invite the viewer to cast their view up into the former factory’s exposed ceiling, they ensure the floor area is uniformly lit creating a soft comforting ambience. Finally, the restaurants carefully curated biodynamic, sustainable wine collection is highlighted using Lumen8’s Logikline profile and LED strip lighting. All fittings within this project are LED fittings to ensure minimal to no maintenance, long lifespan and low energy use in keeping with the client’s desire for sustainability.

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